Santa Fe Skies Campground



IMG_9770May 12

We arrived in Santa Fe Skies RV campground and I have to admit that my first impression was not positive. The campground is off the highway on a high mesa next to an adobe styled neighborhood which is adorable. Now I know you’re asking, what’s wrong which this scenario. Nothing at all except that you must remember I don’t drive this rig and it seemed to me that the approach to our site was very narrow and hard to get around, even though Leo kept telling me that there was nothing unusual or a big deal to get our rig parked. I guess that’s why I don’t know how to drive the rig.

Leo didn’t have any problem at all and once we pulled in and hooked up things seem to take a turn for the better. After we were all settled in, the first thing we did (of course) was to go into town and find a Trader Joe’s for supplies. Btw we found that Trader Joe’s in Santa Fe carries hard liquor, we being from North Carolina (where hard liquor is considered a sin), find this a decadent and extremely tempting to find liquor offered for sale in a grocery store. So naturally, we bought a bottle of the Trader Joe’s blended Scotch whiskey and let me tell you it is wonderful.  So we had our Trader Joe’s “happy hour” which consist of scotch whiskey and club soda and cheese bytes. If you are a cheese lover these are a must. I’m addicted and now have to hunt around the country for them wherever we go. I’m including a picture of the cheese bytes and my new obsession “Sweet Plantain Chips”.  I can’t live without these amenities and fortunately for me I don’t have to. So here’s what our “happy hour ” looks like. I must say, I have not always been a fan of whiskey (it wasn’t until my late 30’s that acquired a taste for it) and now all I can say… it’s a great drink and low carb too! (which I’m trying to stick to on this trip).

While happy hour was in full swing, we grilled some delicious Omaha Steak tuna steaks and asparagus . Let me just say Omaha steak was made for RV’ing. Each portion is individually wrapped so it fits perfectly in the fridge and is deliciously seasoned. FullSizeRender

After this scrumptious meal things started looking a lot better and I started to notice the beauty an uniqueness of this campground . We set out for a walk after dinner and noticed that there is art everywhere in the camp. The owners of the campground really appreciate  art and have incorporated it into every site. Here are some of the pieces we saw, some were for sale.  I have never seem such a lovely display in a campground before. I’m totally fascinated by this campground and I which  I could take some of these pieces home with me. Leo reminded me we have a lot of diesel fuel yet to buy.




One thought on “Santa Fe Skies Campground

  1. All sounds fabulous. Beautiful country. Next week when I’m in Miami, i just may HAVE to stop by Trader Joe’s to get your happy hour items. 🍷


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