Moab, Arches and Canyonland, Utah

June 6-10

After a couple of days off the grid in Kodachrome Basin (no internet, cell or satellite reception, but we did have water and electricity!) it was a welcomed change to get cell coverage and internet when we checked into our new RV stop, Portal RV Resort in Moab… yeayy! It’s amazing how much I’m dependent on it. Our drive to Moab was long, over six hours, but through beautifully changing landscapes that alternated from desert flatlands to high altitude mesas to deep forest and back to desert again.The ever present red rocks where there and extended as far as the eye could see. The west is such a huge place,  it does not stop impressing me.

But back to my addiction with the internet, I really missed it, two days without being able to upload pictures or work on my blog or answer email. So it was a welcomed change to arrive in Moab to full bars on Sprint (by the way Sprint has very limited coverage out here) and our campground has free wifi which actually works. The campground, Portal RV Resort, has great views of the hills and because we are staying in a privately owned site, we get to use the private pool and spa. Now that’s what I’m talking about! 😄


The drive into Arches National Park is a switch back road that continues for miles and miles and it’s paralleled by massive rock walls, truly the most impressive drive into a national park that we’ve seen so far. We started early in order to avoid the crowds and the heat but no such luck, by 9:30 in the morning it was nearing 100 degrees and not much shade in these trails. But we had plenty of water and  the trails were easy enough to do. The road to Devils Garden was closed for renovations so our first stop was Sand Dune Arch and here we took a 3 mile hike that connected with Broken Arch and Tapestry Arch. The approach to the Arch itself requires a bit of a climb but not too bad, I only did a bit of sliding down the rocks but hey by now I’m a trooper at sliding around or climbing rocks


From there we did a bit of driving through the park stopping along the way at various interesting viewing areas such as the Delicate Arch which was around a one mile loop up hill. One of our favorites was the North and South Windows which was around a 1/2 mile loop with gorgeous views. I must say the sky was so blue and seeing it through these rock windows gave me such a peaceful feeling. This place must have been a very spiritual site at one time and I think it’s still true because even the trail markers are zen rocks. We found a few knocked down and Leo did an awesome job of putting them back together, he got into the spirit of this place.

Moab is truly an outdoorsman paradise. There is everything here you would want to do, hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing (in winter), mountaineering, camping, fishing,  4- wheeling plus as an extra added bonus, everything that can kill you, rattle snakes, deadly scorpions, mountain lions and extreme heat. Of course, when Leo read this about Moab he said “we must go there”.  This morning he took pity on me and suggested a lovely bike ride along the Colorado River which we could access from our campground. I loved the ride, which we started in the very early morning when the temperatures where still a comfortable 75 degrees. We headed out from our campground and connected with Moab’s town bike path which took us directly to another bike path right along the Colorado river. We did around a 10 mile loop but you can easily go on for 30 miles or more.

The other thing that’s great about Moab is that it is perfectly situated at the entrance of Arches National Park and about 15 miles from Canyonlands National Park, Island in the Sky visitor area. This park is so vast you can approach it from two different entrances the other being Needles. We drove to Island in the Skies after our bike ride and took in a couple of short but breathtaking hikes. I would describe it as a series of smaller Grand Canyons where you are looking down unto many different valleys and the canyons are buried deep beyond it. There are numerous 4-wheel drive and bike paths that take you into the Canyon base itself and all require a permit due to the extreme remoteness and primitive nature of the park. These paths are for the intrepid so we looked on from above, enjoyed the scenery and felt a sense of wonder and accomplishment at having completed the Grand Circle tour of Utah’s national Parks.

Tomorrow we are packing up and moving the motorhome to Salt Lake City, where I plan to take over the agenda and do a lot of touristy big city things. Stay tuned and happy trails 😄

4 thoughts on “Moab, Arches and Canyonland, Utah

  1. Great pictures of the Arches and Leo putting back that huge rock. How did he do it ?
    Have a safe trip to Salt Lake City. Make sure you get your feet wet on the Lake !


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