Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon May 28 Leo warned me, we are headed deep into a national park, get ready for three days without wifi, I braced myself, but once we arrived, oh my what views! Nothing, not even the countless documentaries and pictures I had seen about the Grand Canyon, prepared me for the beauty and the … More Grand Canyon

Sedona, Arizona

May 22-26 The drive to Sedona from Meteor Crater was about four hours and uphill most of the time. But everything that goes up must come down, so thank goodness for our diesel engine brake feature which made our descent much safer down the winding roads and into the Sedona Valley (which is still around 5000 … More Sedona, Arizona

Petrified Forest National Park and Meteor Crater, Arizona

May 21 After driving six hours from Taos, New Mexico and settling in at our RV park I turned my attention to the Petrified Forest National Park. I have to admit I didn’t know anything about it beyond the fact that ancient trees had been turned into rocks, that’s all I knew. It turns out … More Petrified Forest National Park and Meteor Crater, Arizona

Taos Pueblo

  May 19 We woke up this morning to a snow storm. Well it wasn’t as bad as that but snow was coming at us from over the mountains  and the temperature was 32 degrees, that’s cold!!. So we settled in our motor home, snug as a bug in a rug and waited out the … More Taos Pueblo