Fall colors in the North Carolina Mountains




We so excited to visit this area of North Carolina, Waynesville has been  a favorite of ours but this year we get to experience it in our motor coach at the Creek Wood RV Park.

Today 10/15/16 we visited downtown Waynesville for the Apple Harvest Festival. The Main Street  of the town is closed to traffic and the have a large selection of arts and crafts, food and music for everyone to sample. We really enjoyed the day and made some purchases to take back home. We love this area!


One of the things we really enjoy is hiking and we had two outstanding hiking opportunities. We went to Great Smaokey Mountains “Purchase Knob” trail. This was a 4 mile trail with a gentle cling and outstanding views at the top. It was truly breathtaking views, worth while to stay up there and enjoy the view.


Today 10/17 we drove 2 hours to the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. This is a forest in the Nantahala National Park. To quote the guide books, this is a journey back in time through a magnificent forest with towering giant maple trees as old as 450 years. The trails were a moderate 2 miles through thick forest with the only mishap being we got there the first day of bear hunting ason , so there were hunters o  the trails and dogs running around hunting bears, that was a little scary but not as scary as the horrible wasp bite I endured! I’ve never been stung by a wasp and let me tell you it’s quite painful. I’ll live but boy not something I want to go though again. Wasps and bears would still not keep me away from this magical place, truly beautiful.


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