The Rodeo at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

June 21

Two years ago when we visited Jackson for the first time, we were not able to attend the Rodeo, this time we made a point to do so.

Our campground in Jackson, The Virginian, is conveniently located right in town so the rodeo was a stones throw away. We drove there 10 minutes before the “show“ started thinking we had plenty of time but found the place packed! I had no idea this was such a popular attraction in Jackson. If you are planning to go, keep in mind that it’s twice a week Wednesday and Saturday and if you want good seats you should make an online reservation. Luckily we bought our tickets online ahead of time and had “50 yard line” seats.

As I’m sure you can tell this was my first rodeo and didn’t really know what to expect. The athleticism of the riders blew me away, starting with a pair of seven year old twins that were part of the opening act, so cute and such good riders!

They followed with competitions in team roping, bare back riding, bull riding and saddled bronco busting ( that’s my name for it). All this was amazing in the skill involved and the beauty of the animals.

I highly recommend the Rodeo in Jackson they put on quite a show and it’s a great way to spend the evening. By the way, the setting is perfect, right in town but framed by beautiful mountains where the you can watch the sun set as you listen to country music, drink some beer, honor country and flag and marvel at the feats of horsemanship displayed before you. It doesn’t get better than this!


One thought on “The Rodeo at Jackson Hole, Wyoming

  1. Jackson Hole is a True Western Rodeo. Back in the day we used to take the kids to a yearly Rodeo in Hollywood Florida and in Kissimmee Florida but it probably wasn’t the show you guys saw.


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